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House of Habib – enabling a purpose-inspired growth philosophy…

As we aspire to deliver value and competitive returns across our core businesses, we believe that the seeds we sow today will resonate greater benefit to our communities, country and the environment – today and tomorrow.

House of Habib evolving to excel…

At House of Habib, our corporate history is replete with a long-standing tradition of consistently delivering growth and value in our multiple businesses to all our stakeholders. Integrated in a diverse range of industries, we are regarded as one of the most premiere and distinguished business conglomerates of Pakistan spanning a combined history of over 175 years – predating the birth of Pakistan itself.

Over the last six decades, we have made great strides in our automobiles, construction materials, packaging, retail, financial services and energy businesses. Managing a network of public and private companies across these sectors, we are proud sponsors of equity and technical collaborations and partnerships with leading Japanese, American and European companies – a feat that speaks of our progressive and dynamic organization with a world-class professional management team.

Well integrated across a multitude of sectors with a combined turnover in excess of US$1.6BN and total net assets exceeding US$9BN, we continue to enhance and enrich life for more than 15 million Pakistanis each day, every day.


Our History

House of Habib – a meticulous blend of passion with purpose

As a growing corporation with an international footprint we are never complacent with our successes. We continue to evolve and grow by making critical investments that can yield a promising tomorrow for Pakistan and beyond.

Since our inception, we continue to touch and redefine life through the spectrum of our businesses that continue to impact a broad category of stakeholders in innumerable ways. Through our investments in automobiles, auto components, banking, building materials, packaging and real estate development we aim to be recognized as the most respected and dynamic group with an ever-expanding business footprint.

From Khoja Mithabhai Nathoo Trading Company to House of Habib

The genesis of the large conglomerate traces its roots all the way back to 1841 when Esmail Ali – from an obscure district of Gujrat in western India – established a small trading company in Mumbai (then Bombay). In 1891, Habib Esmail – son of Esmail Ali – then joined the family business and ushered in a new era of growth, laying the foundations for today’s House of Habib.

As the family business grew, the establishment of banking and financial services business was a natural progression with the establishment of Habib Bank in 1941 and Habib Insurance and Habib Bank AG Zurich through the 1960s. The years, thereafter, saw the transformation of the Company into a diversified business conglomerate with investments in papersack, laminates and jute – all of which continue to be part of our existing House of Habib portfolio. The 80s and early 90’s witnessed the group expanding its footprint into the automobile sector with the formation of the Indus Motor Company as the hallmark of this growth story which was brought about in collaboration with key international alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan.

Today, House of Habib is one of the most sought-after national groups with a turnover in excess of PKR 100 billion and a total contribution towards exchequer standing at a significant PKR 26 billion – which is 1% of Pakistan’s total GDP. By virtue of our quality products and trusted brand heritage, our wide array of businesses has secured a large and loyal customer base all across Pakistan along with international quarters. As we continue delivering on our promise of ‘evolving to excel’ we aim to ensure that our efforts contribute significantly towards the growth and sustainability of local industry by ensuring the highest standards of product quality, technical services and customer satisfaction

Indus Motor Company

Indus Motor Company (IMC) is a joint venture of House of Habib and Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan. Established in 1989, the Company manufactures and markets Toyota brand vehicles in Pakistan. The product portfolio includes several variants of the flagship Corolla in the passenger cars category, the Hilux brand, Vigo champ variants along with the iconic SUV Fortuner. Apart from locally assembled vehicles, the Company also markets various imported vehicles from Toyota such as the luxury sedan Camry, SUV Land Cruiser, passenger van Hiace and more recently the iconic Hybrid Vehicle – Prius.

In its 25 years history since inception, IMC has sold more than 600,000 CBU/CKD vehicles and has demonstrated impressive growth, in terms of volumetric increase from a modest beginning of 20 vehicles per day production in 1993 to 240 units daily at present through the development of human talent embracing the ‘Toyota Way’ of quality and lean manufacturing.


Thal Limited

Thal Limited has the distinction of being the flagship industrial project of the group. Incorporated in 1966 as Thal Jute Mills Limited the company renamed itself as Thal Limited in 1994 as part of the organization’s consolidation strategy. Currently the company manages two distinct business segments the engineering segment and the building material & packaging segment.

The Engineering division of Thal Limited owns and operates Electrical Systems segment; the Thermal Systems segment and the Engine Components segment. The Electrical Systems segment is involved in manufacturing a wide range of wiring harness products from simple cable preparation to highly complex wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and battery cables mainly for Automotive industry. The business came into existence in the year 2000 with the signing of a TAA (Technical Assistance Agreement) with Furukawa Electric Company, Japan. Furrukawa is one of the leading suppliers of automotive wiring harness system in the world and has more than 50 subsidiaries/companies in twenty countries. The combined synergies of both the companies have enabled the business to establish itself in a relatively quick span of time as a premier supplier of car wiring systems to all automobile manufacturers in Pakistan.

Thermal Systems – which commenced operations in 1996 – manufactures Auto Air Conditioners for Toyota and Suzuki vehicles manufactured and assembled in Pakistan. Ever since its establishment, Thal Engineering's Thermal Systems division has remained progressive with addition of multiple capabilities unto its fold. To deliver a product range of excellent quality, the Company entered into a Technical Assistance Agreement with Denso Japan in 1996 – the second largest auto parts maker in the world – listed on the Fortune 500 and the largest in Japan. The strategic alliance has acquired and obtained world class assistance in manufacturing car air conditioners, heater blowers & now aluminum radiators, enabling the business to continue in its growth trajectory.

Engine Components – although a relatively newer addition to Thal Engineering Limited – manufactures Starters and Alternators for Toyota vehicles. The business was established with a clear vision to localize and manufacture automobile engine parts and components for different automobile OEMs in Pakistan. The business has the unique distinction of being the first and foremost manufacturer of Engine Starters and Alternators for passenger cars in Pakistan under a foreign collaboration.

In addition, Thal Limited also owns and operates the building material & packaging segment which consists of Jute segment known as Thal Jute Mills Limited. The Company bears the honor of being the first industrial project that was undertaken by House of Habib. Located in the heart of Punjab, nestled between the banks of River Indus and Chenab, the Company is involved in manufacture of grain sacks in various grades including food grade, and Hessian yarn & twine for domestic and export markets.


Laminates segment was established in 1980 as the first of its kind manufacturing unit for the production of high-pressure decorative laminates in Pakistan under the brand name of FORMITE. Today, the Company remains a market leader for its range of decorative and electrical grade compact laminates. Over the years, the segment has successfully integrated upstream and downstream facilities to maintain its competitive edge and remain a partner of choice for a wide variety of stakeholders both locally and abroad. To add another feather to the segment’s list of achievements, the Laminates business is also the sole logistical distributor for DuPont’s range of solid surfaces – offering customers a range of diversity and versatility in its product portfolio.


Papersack segment which has been in operation since 1970s, is the pioneering multi-ply manufacturing unit in Pakistan and has remained a market leader in the segment since its inception. With strategic locations of its plants situated in Hub (Baluchistan) and Gadoon (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), the Company has an annual production capacity of 150 million sacks and provides packaging solutions to various industries that include cement, chemicals and dyes, bonding adhesives, industrial salt, calcium, gypsum, carbon black, milk powder and guar gum amongst others. With close to five decades of world class product leadership, the papersack segment not only fulfills local demand but also exports to key international markets including Middle East, India, EU and the UK amongst other avenues.

Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited

Incorporated in 1978, Shabbir Tiles has the distinction of being a pioneer in the ceramic industry of Pakistan with the country’s first private sector investment in the ceramics and tiles industry. The organization sports an international collaboration with Agrob Anlagenbau GmbH of Germany and has acquired a key name in the domestic home-building and renovation market. The Company manufactures and markets ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles, aqua jet patterns and installation materials with the ease of convenience and diversity to cater to a wider taste palate.

With over 300 dealers in its network and presence in over 35 countries Shabbir Tiles adheres to the most stringent of quality controls and production standards and is a known name for offering the best brand value in Pakistan and beyond. With its wide range of product offerings the business is widely credited as having influenced the tastes of the modern day home makers and single-handedly lifted the standards of home-building and decoration in Pakistan.



AuVitronics is a premier supplier of plastic parts and assemblies to automobile industries. The company has technical agreements with leading Japanese companies such as Kioto, Toyota, Gosei, Murakami, Kanto Kesai and Cubic. The Company manufactures lamps, mirrors, steering wheels, interior and exterior trims and Expanded Poly Propylene parts. It is also a supplier to local and international companies in the construction, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.


AgriAuto was Incorporated in 1981 to support the local agricultural vehicle industry, Agriauto, after three decades have a distinction of being a leading autoparts maker. The organization has partnerships with international companies such Kayaba, Aisen, Gabriel, Shiroki and Sannou Riken. The company manufactures a wide range of parts such as shock absorbers, steering box, window regulators etc. the Organization has also step up a world class stamping company which was incorporated in 2014 in technical collaboration with Ogihara, Thailand.


Habib Metro Pakistan Limited & Metro Habib Cash & Carry Pakistan

Habib Metro Private Limited is involved in property management services to various local and multinational clients. Incorporated in July 2012 in collaboration with the German wholesale giant – Metro AG – the House of Habib has brought modern-day concept of wholesale and retail trade to Pakistan. After the merger with Metro and Makro-Habib Cash & Carry for their wholesale business, today the Company operates and manages 09 wholesale centres spread across key metropolis of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad and provides convenience and care to customers for their everyday grocery shopping ranging from day to day items, to fresh meat to vegetables.

Banking & Financial Services Habib Bank AG Zurich

The group’s crowning jewel – Habib Bank AG Zurich – is the heir to a rich tradition of commerce and banking dating back to 1841. The Bank was incorporated in 1967 and is privately owned and managed by the Habib family providing diversified financial services with a primary focus on retail banking and trade finance. As part of our strategy to deploy sound governance framework, the Board of the Bank comprises of external directors with solid experience in banking and financial services domain.

With a solid track record in performance, Habib Bank AG Zurich, has grown from strength to strength and now enjoys an increasing network of 345 branches across 8 countries that include 5 operating subsidiaries.

Habib Metropolitan Bank

Habib Metropolitan Bank (HabibMetro) was incorporated in Pakistan as a Public Listed Company in 1992 under the name, Metropolitan Bank. The Bank commenced, duly licensed, full scheduled commercial-banking operations in October 1992. Metropolitan Bank, from October 1992 to September 2006, established a name unto itself for being a premier financial service provider having a footprint across key cities of the country spanning a network of 51 branches. In 2006, Habib Bank AG Zurich's Pakistan Operations merged into Metropolitan Bank and the merged entity was named Habib Metropolitan Bank (HabibMetro). Habib Bank AG Zurich remains the principal shareholder of HabibMetro.

With its network of 307 branches and growing, HabibMetro operates in 87 cities of the country with a primary focus on Retail Banking and Trade Finance whilst also offering E-Banking solutions to its customers. The Bank’s Islamic Banking Brand ‘Sirat’ caters to customers seeking shariah compliant products through 25 dedicated Islamic branches and 213 Islamic desks across the country. The Bank has a unique distinction of ranking within Top 10 in Pakistan with a strong vision to be the most respected Financial Institution – fact which is also reflected in the Bank’s long-term and short-term rating of “AA+” (Double A Plus) and “A1+” (A One Plus), respectively, by PACRA for over last sixteen years.


House of Habib Group Management Trainee Program

Creating tomorrow’s leaders, today

At the heart of our story of evolution remain our people – the core enduring advantage that continues to set House of Habib apart from its competitors. This year we are proud to share our success story with you – students from Pakistan’s leading academic institutions.

We have recalibrated our Management Trainee Program to make it bigger, better and more dynamic in its offerings to students and allowing them to challenge their potential in our all-new recruitment process. By providing graduating students with an exhilarating route to enter our Management Trainee and Graduate Trainee Engineering programs, we aim to find the best talent amongst you that will be part of an enterprising team responsible for ushering in a new era of growth for the House of Habib.

We will be coming to your university in search of the most creative and dynamic individuals with a competitive spirit and a taste for our fast-paced corporate culture. Be prepared as we are looking for intuitive individuals who have a go-getter attitude, are agile and can evolve as effective leaders to shape our future and design it in the present. Individuals can apply for the following trainee programs

house of habib

House of Habib Group Management Trainee Programme (Placements across all Group Companies)


Indus Motor Company Trainee Programme

Bank al habib

Habib Metropolitan Bank Management Trainee Programme

Thal Limited

Thal Limited Management Trainee & Trainee Engineer Programme

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*Thal Limited is a holding company for Pakistan Papersack Division, Balochistan Laminate Division, Thal Jute and Thal Engineering.

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